“If that event on that date doesn’t happen

Lost tourism revenue could seriously wound the local economy

As of early May, several events that had been selected to receive LART funding had been forced to cancel due to COVID 19, including the MeadowGrass Music Festival and Old Colorado City’s Territory Days.

click to enlarge Visti COS Tourism employed 20,000 in the region in 2018.

“The applications that come in [for LART funds] say, ‘We’re going to use it for this event on this date,'” explains Laurel Prud’homme, chair of the LART Advisory Board. “If that event on that date doesn’t happen, the money doesn’t go to them.”

$134,000 to Hot Apple Productions LLC for the Labor Day Lift Off balloon festival (still scheduled for September);

$134,000 to the Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Educational Museum Inc. for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (postponed until Aug. 30);

$155,000 to the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra for Summer Symphony (normally part of the Fourth of July celebration at Memorial Park which is still scheduled);

$5.2 million total for four contractual agreements with Visit COS, Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, Colorado Springs Chamber EDC, and Colorado Springs Sports Corporation;

an additional $400,000 to the Chamber EDC for airport advertising;

## ## $110,000 to the Organization of Westside Neighbors on behalf of the Old Colorado City Partnership, for lighting and traffic posts on Colbrunn Court;

$500,000 to city Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services to build a new restroom facility at Garden of the Gods Park;

$150,000 to city Parks for reconstruction of the Silver Lake Trail and Overlook above Helen Hunt Falls;

click to enlarge Faith Miller Cheyenne Mountain Zoo offers virtual experiences.

“When we had our downturn, Parks was hit so significantly, and even today, it’s still not back to where they were in 2009,” Martin says. “And they’ve had to fight for everything they could get in those last 10 years.”

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